Blind Spot

K5 | Film | | Blind Spot
Blind Spot - 2009 - Thriller

Mirkus Hahn, Barbara Romaner, Klaus Stiglmeier

Wolfgang Weigl, Toby Bräuhauser, Florian Puchert

Wolfgang Weigl

Wolfgang Weigl, Oliver Simon, Florian Puchert

K5 | Film | | Blind Spot

Blind Spot - 2009 - Thriller

In this tale of broken trust, Max „kidnaps“ his ex-girlfriend Eva to take her to a romantic mountain cottage, where he hopes to finally talk things out. They never get there. After their car breaks down in a snowbound forest, Max leaves to find the cottage on foot, Eva stays behind in the car. Max is soon lost in the forest. In the clutch of the blistering cold, the border between memory and reality begins to blur. When an old hermit appears on the scene, they are both unsure if he will bring salvation – or death.