The Coldest Game

K5 | Film | Production | The Coldest Game
The Coldest Game - 2019 - Thriller

Bill Pullman, Lotte Verbeek, Robert Wieckiewicz, Corey Johnson, Aleksey Serebryakov

Lukasz Kosmicki, Marcel Sawicki

Lukasz Kosmicki

Piotrs Wozniak-Starak, Krzysztof Terej (Watchout Studios), Daniel Baur

Production Designer
Allan Starski

Director of Photography
Pawel Edelman

K5 | Film | Production | The Coldest Game

The Coldest Game - 2019 - Thriller

October 1962, at the peak of the Cuban Crisis, CIA-agents force Joshua Mansky, math genius, former professor at Princeton with a drinking problem and former chess prodigy out of retirement as he is the only one to replace the severly ill US-contender in a chess tournament against the Soviet champion in Warsaw with any chance of winning. The Russians use every trick in the book to distract Mansky after he wins the first match despite being blind drunk. Then one of the agents who babysit Mansky dies right in front of him. The tournament turns out to be a cover for gathering intel from an informant, a Soviet officer with the codename Gift. Only he can confirm whether the Russians really have nuclear warheads stationed in Cuba. And only the dead agent could confirm who Gift really is. The Americans are in danger of losing both games – the chess game and the one for world domination. They will have to start playing dirty, too.